Spain and Italy - National Space Programs, the EU and International Cooperation

Today (3rd of March 2023) András EDL, our researcher, presented his findings on the National Space Programs of Spain and Italy, the EU and International Cooperation at the III. South America, South Europe International Conference.

In the abstract of his presentation he wrote:

"Spain and Italy are two of the most prominent countries in the European space community. They both have a significant national space program, a respectable space industry background and an internationally acknowledged scientific research network. The two countries also participate in bilateral cooperation with other EU member states or other nations. In addition, they are strong supporters and participants in joint missions and projects inside the EU. One of the main organizations for such cooperation is the European Space Agency (ESA). Spain and Italy pay a sizeable portion of the ESA budget (5.8% and 11.8% in 2023) and are key actors in building the European space architecture supported by their own national space agencies ASI (Agencia Spaziale Italiana) and AEE (Agencia Espacial Espñaola). In this presentation, we will examine how both countries contribute to ESA and EU programs, what joint projects they take part in with other nations in the international community, how they foster space industry development and what guidelines and interests direct their space activities."

The conference's Book of Absracts is available here.