Developing Space Programs and Cooperation in Latin America

A research paper titled  Developing Space Programs and Cooperation in Latin America written by our researcher András EDL has been published. 

The paper examines the latest space developments in the Latin American region. Mexico, Argentina and Brazil have already achieved notable results in their own space programs even before the current wave of space activities. Smaller countries in the region, due to possible commercial gains, scientific achievements and security concerns also turned their attention towards space. For Latin America the chance for cooperation with major space actors, like the United States, the European Space Agency (owning a significant base in French Guiana), or the People’s Republic of China is a tempting offer, but not without its own pitfalls, as to be discussed in the article. To strengthen their position and their own space programs 18 nations recently founded the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (Agencia Latinoamericana y Caribeña del Espacio). However, political and economical problems are numerous and yet to be overcome. 

The full text of the article is available here.

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