A study on the Objective of Space Law

The study on the Questions of Non-Appropriation, Use and the Human Genome Theory written by Tamás Darvas, our external researcher, has been published recently.

The study covers the analysis of a basic principle of space law: The non-appropriation principle is considered by many scholars as the grundnorm (basic law) of international space law. Many also see this basic law being under attack. In this Article, I will argue that the principle of non-appropriation is in its current form is too vague to be applied consistently. This interpretation is supported by an analysis of basic problems emerging during the interpretation of this principle. In this Article, I will also argue that in addition to the problem of the principle of non-appropriation, space law has no clear objective. These two issues fundamentally determine the future of the field. I also outline that the objective of space law and space jurisprudence relates to certain scientific definitions for example, the human genome.

The full text of the article is available here.

Címkék: Space law